All Hell’s broken loose!

Okay, have you ever had one of those days? Perhaps a couple of those days in a row? How about an entire week? Maybe a week and a half? I have had almost a month now of “those days” and all Hell’s broken loose! Without getting too personal on the internet, there are school issues, […]

Working on my Final Project

I submitted this week’s Journal assignment, an essay on target audience, just a few minutes ago, and now the task is to begin working on my Final Project for this term’s online course. It is a 10-page paper with six pages’ worth of grading prompts and rubric. Humongous. I feel a bit overwhelmed…okay, a lot […]

Southern New Hampshire University

I never thought I would be taking online classes from the other side of the country, much less pursuing an online Master’s degree, but here I am, doing it all, and loving it. If you are considering online learning, whether to finish a degree or to begin working toward in a new direction in life, […]

Welcome to my writing blog

My name is Chris Jones. Here is one of the few photographs of me that does not make me look like a complete nerd. Just a nerd, but not a complete nerd. I like writing dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction and am currently taking classes online from Southern New Hampshire University in the Master of Arts […]