I Begin the SNHU MFA in Creative Writing Program on Monday

I must admit that I am a bit anxious…okay, more than a bit—a lot anxious. The MFA is a new program for me. I was in the English and Creative Writing program at SNHU and completed three terms of that, but that is as far as that program could take me toward becoming a better writer. I am so thankful that I was accepted into the MFA program! For those of you who are wondering what on earth these acronyms mean, SNHU stands for Southern New Hampshire University (I am in the online program), and MFA stands for Master of Fine Arts. Phew! What a lot of stuff, huh?

I am excited at the same time. I am hopeful that this program fits me and that I am able to do well and enjoy it. My perfectionistic side leans more toward the doing well part, but I have been reminded by the professionals in my life that I need to enjoy the ride, so to speak. In other words, enjoying the journey is important—perhaps more important than points and scores. My good will have to be good enough, and I can do my best, but that is all I can do. Beyond that, it is out of my hands. I do the best I can every day with the resources that I have. I also have to take things one day at a time. Armed with all of those things in mind, I expect this to be a wild and fun experience, barring the hopefully only occasional frustrations of school and life combined.

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