A Year Later, I Am Learning That It Isn’t Bipolar Disorder

I am now on a combination of medications that is a hybrid amidst the symptoms of major depression, bipolar depression, and PTSD. And I don’t believe I have Bipolar 1 Disorder with Psychosis. It was likely a bad medication reaction and subsequent rapid overhaul of my medications that set that whole “event” off. Nothing in the last 21 years of my life adds up to me having Bipolar Disorder. All indications point to Major Depressive Disorder and Chronic PTSD. I just need the diagnoses to get straightened out because they are labels.

Labels. We all know what those are. Because you are “called” this or that, you must “be” this or that. And that’s not fair. It is not a fair assessment or a fair assumption, but it happens all the time. I am tired of labels. I just want to be me. Can I not be known without a label? How about the label of “ME”?

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