I wrote an entire short story in four hours this afternoon. The title is “BODY” and it is about a civil war between the brain and the rest of the organs inside this fellow’s body. I will let your imaginations run wild with that.

The reason that I’m excited is that I haven’t had a creative storm like that in almost a month. Those creative storms, as I call them, are great! Unfortunately, it probably means I’m more manic than I should be today, but it may also mean that I’m just creative and that’s okay. I thank God for my creativity, however it comes! I’m just so happy when it does come because I can actually do something with it—amazing things. At least I think they’re amazing. They might not be that amazing in the world of amazement, but they are my things, and therefore I have a bit of bias toward them. I like what I write because it’s good, clean fiction. None of this profanity or overt sexual nonsense. I have an imagination and I hate it when another writer thinks that they have to spell out a sex scene for me or something raunchy like that. Let me imagine if you MUST put it in there. Most of the time, the story can do without it, and so can I.

I hope to use this short story that I just wrote for my writing sample to submit to the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Southern New Hampshire University, along with an entirely new personal essay, since that may be the weakness (not sure why they rejected me because they don’t give anyone feedback). Anyway, I am super stoked about this story because it is an actual short story that is of the specified length for the MFA writing sample and I wrote it in a few hours in a single afternoon! Once I get started, I have to keep going on something, or I lose it. I kept going on this, and (with the exception of bathroom and coffee runs) wrote straight through and got it accomplished. I now have a finished rough draft to work with! My doctor says that the best thing you can have is a finished draft, because then you have something to work with. I officially have something to work with! So excited.

Okay, definitely on the manic side of things. I can tell by the paragraph I just wrote. Please forgive the overt excitement if it is out of proportion to what I have accomplished today, but I gotta be me, and that is just the way it is.

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