Working on my Final Project

I submitted this week’s Journal assignment, an essay on target audience, just a few minutes ago, and now the task is to begin working on my Final Project for this term’s online course. It is a 10-page paper with six pages’ worth of grading prompts and rubric. Humongous. I feel a bit overwhelmed…okay, a lot overwhelmed, by this project. It is worth one-third of my entire grade in this course. No pressure, right? I have two novels, one classic and one contemporary, that most of the material must be extracted from, but at least I got to pick the novels. I am thinking that I should have chosen a shorter contemporary novel, but I also think that I chose the right one because it has so many unconventional elements and devices in it (literary-wise). I do not regret my choices at all. I simply wish that this was easier to chunk down into bite-sized pieces!

This is doable. People do these things all the time, right? So that means that I can do it, too. It will not kill me…or I will die trying. Is that a mixed metaphor or an oxymoron? See what I mean? I think I should call it quits for the day, or at least take a break from this for a little while this afternoon. I feel like I have exhausted my brain’s literary resources for the moment. I am writing now to relax. This is a serious enough post, but it does not cause me stress to write it. That is the difference. I am receiving a grade on this post—your likes or dislikes—but I am not receiving formal grades on a transcript that will hang over my head for all eternity. I feel like here, at least, I can talk to my readers like real people, not worrying about missing a citation here or bungling up the punctuation there. If a word gets misspelled, I will not likely be penalized for it. Of course, someone may decide to rant and rave about it, but that would not be a professor that is in charge of grading said piece of work.

With that, I am going to go and enjoy supper, and then possibly come back to look at the big, bad grading rubric for this Final Project after I have rested and digested a bit. Or maybe I will not look at it until tomorrow…who knows?

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