Southern New Hampshire University

I never thought I would be taking online classes from the other side of the country, much less pursuing an online Master’s degree, but here I am, doing it all, and loving it. If you are considering online learning, whether to finish a degree or to begin working toward in a new direction in life, I would highly recommend SNHU as an option. This university has been at the online game for quite some time and they have very clear grading rubrics for absolutely everything you do as far as anything graded goes. These rubrics tell you to the nth degree what you need to do to succeed, and they are developed by a team of professors ahead of time. Your instructor has to follow the rubric just as you do, and they can help clarify anything that may not be clear for any reason. My first term is going very well. The professor actually marks up the rubrics to highlight particularly important elements, which is extremely helpful.

The professors are invested heavily in your success at SNHU, as are the advisors, and if you need accommodations, the professionals in that office are exceptional at what they do. I enjoy the challenging expectations of the Master’s program that I am in as well. One online class is considered part-time and two online classes per term are considered full-time, if that is any indication of the difficulty and workload of these classes. I am focusing on a part-time schedule and am plenty busy with that workload.

During this difficult time in our global and personal lives, online learning has been a popular alternative, and I would encourage anyone who has been thinking about the prospect to try it out. I highly doubt that you will regret it. You may be surprised at how comprehensive the education is and how challenging and thought-provoking the courses can be. I think you will like it. I know I do!

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